Monday, December 22, 2014

Kathryn Vercillo - Hook to Heal

Today I received this email from Ms. Vercillo which I will take to be the final words on her as yet unpublished book, HOOK TO HEAL.

"I've come to the sad decision to refund the generous supporters of my Indiegogo project for my pending book Hook to Heal. This has been a long, hard process and a learning lesson for me. The book remains in the final stages and I truly believe that it will have a 2015 release date. However, I seem to just be stuck. The pressure of "owing" this to people seems to be conflicting with the creative process and as much as I hate to do so, I just really need to let that go. The only way I can see to do that is to refund the money, release that pressure valve and put the book out when it's ready to be released into the world. I just don't want to put out sub-par work solely in order to fulfill this commitment.

I offer huge apologies for the long time that you have waited. Each contribution truly has been valued and appreciated. It has gone to complete the work that I've already done on the project. More than that, it has helped me to believe in the value of my work to others. Your belief in me was very special and I'm sorry to have been unable to fulfill this campaign up to this point.

To get your refund, please email me back with one of the following options:

- Your paypal address, full name and the amount that you contributed.

- Choice to take 3 months free sidebar advertising instead. You can have a free sidebar ad on Crochet Concupiscence (advertising your website, things you sell, social sites, etc.) I reach 400,000+ page views per month so your ad will be seen by a lot of people.

- If you do not have Paypal and don't want the ad option, please send me your full name and mailing address for a check. Please only use this if you truly do not have a Paypal account as it's more difficult for me to send physical checks.

- Or a statement that you choose not to take the refund and would still prefer to receive your copy of the book when it comes out, even though it has been delayed indefinitely.

Please be aware that with the holidays, travel and organizing my finances it will take me a few weeks to process all of the emails, requests, ads and refunds. I will have everything processed no later than January 31, 2015.

Again, I apologize and hope that you understand that I started this campaign with the best of intentions and that it's been something I've learned a lot from in regards to my own creative process.


Kathryn Vercillo"

This is the decent and right thing to do and I respect her decision.

Friday, July 25, 2014


You’ve Received a Campaign Update!
Hello Barbara,
Here’s an update for you from the ‘Hook to Heal’ team:

1 new Announcement:

Thank you to everyone who has waited patiently for Hook to Heal. I wanted to give you an update about the project today. It's going well and will definitely have a 2014 release date. I don't have an exact day to give you but you can expect your copy to arrive to you within the next few months.

There is a more complete update here.

That said, I realize that the project has been significantly delayed since you so generously donated to get it started. I am continuing to offer refunds to anyone who isn't willing to wait longer. Email me if you require a refund.

Visit the ‘Hook to Heal’ campaign.

Comment on or view this announcement here.

Respond directly to the campaign owner here.

Help spread the word about the campaign!

Note: To stop receiving updates from Hook to Heal, click here.

You can also unsubscribe from all recurring Indiegogo emails in your account settings.

The Indigo Team

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


This is a re-blog from LION BRAND YARN.

31 Ways Knitting and Crochet Can Change Your Life and Make You Healthier
17 Lion Brand Notebook / by Danielle / 5 hours ago
The research is in and there’s no denying it: people who knit and crochet have a much better chance at staying healthy, being happy and getting organized.

In the past few years, reports from authoritative sources such as CNN, the Huffington Post and Oxford University, cite evidence to support the fact that knitting and crochet can change your life in many ways … and for the better.

Health is a serious matter for all of us, so we took some time to compile our favorite writings on the matter; articles from Lion Brand bloggers such as Kathryn Vercillo and investigative reports from mainstream media outlets like the Washington Post.

We hope that you find this round-up useful and that you’ll include knitting and crochet as part of your personal health and wellness plan. It works!

31 Ways that Knitting and Crochet Can Change Your Life

Relieve depression.
Promote mental health.
Reduce anxiety.
Process grief.
Alleviate cabin fever during winter months.
Reduce Stress.
Practise mindfulness and meditation.
Create a non-medicinal, feel-good high.
Protect the brain from damage incurred by aging.
Learn discipline, empathy, patience.
Lose weight.
Relieve insomnia.
Relieve chronic pain.
Keep your brain fit.
Think clearer.
Reduce negative thoughts.
Reduce or postpone dementia.
Improve your mood.
Get organized.
Build self-esteem.
Avoid cognitive impairment.
Delay memory loss.
Control eating disorders.
Find friends.
Reduce irritability and restlessness.
Control addictions.
Get strong.
Practice prayer.
Give to others.
Build community.
:: Get the pattern shown above: Aromatherapy Eye Pillows (pattern available in knit and crochet) ::

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Hi Gale,

It has come to my attention that you are disappointed with the delay in getting Hook to Heal published. As I said in my last update, I would be happy to refund anyone who doesn't want to continue to wait for the book.

Hook to Heal does still have a 2014 release date. The issue has not been a matter of lack of time. I've been very committed to this project. It's been a desire to get the book in its best possible form before it goes out. As I also said in my last update, I wanted to incorporate information from my new graduate studies.

The text is now written and I'm working on figuring out the layout. I'm wanting to include photos for the exercises and there's a big learning curve for me as I'm not skilled at layout with images.

I was so sad to hear that you were letting people know that you were disappointed. I have worked hard to keep people apprised of the situation and to offer refunds due to the delay. Hook to Heal will be out before the end of the year but please let me know immediately if you want a refund and where to send it.


Printed here for to make up your own mind. It's a story I've heard too long. So for those who want a refund, here she is in writing offering one.
I last posted in July of 2013 that the new book "is still due out later this year." The project details are HERE which shows the date, and you can see this in my post of February 27, 2013.

Friday, June 27, 2014


I would like to ask Kathryn to REFUND the money so many of us donated (as per her well promoted request) for her second book that she apparently does not intend to publish. She has had time to start so many other things since the date the book was promised the first time, the second time and the third time. I think we've been scammed. I promoted the book in advance in the media and my blog with the announced publish date. I posted and update with the second date. Then I sent her an email questioning yet another delay and she responded that it was coming very soon. Still nothing AND I screwed my readers by asking them to donate too!
I guess I'm just an out of touch idiot about marketing scams. Please do not make an idiot (victim) of yourself.

Crochet Every Single Day,

Thursday, May 22, 2014


The link to Free Vintage was broken and finally a kind person at Ravelry brought it to my attention. So this is a repost with corrected link and step by step information. Apologies to all.

Hi everybody!
Although this is an old pattern, I'm calling it mine because I rewrote and reworked it in today's English crochet terms. I found the pattern HERE at Free Vintage I was looking for something quick for some instant gratification and this looked perfect. I grabbed some size 3 crochet thread and a 2.75 or C hook.
Now let me tell you, I'm an old hand at reading and writing patterns, but it was like this was written in some other language. After just the first couple of rows I was confused. So I *did it and frogged it* repeat *to* several times! Finally I got smart, got some paper and pen and wrote the pattern as I made it. Feel free of course to use the one from Vintage (you ought to see it and try it even to appreciate what I have done to it) but the following step-by-step will save you a lot of time and frustration.
2.75 or C hook
Size #3 crochet cotton

Rnd 1/ ch 7, join with ss to form a ring, {Do not use magic circle, this pattern needs the ss join.} ch 5, dc in ring *1dc, ch 2* 7 more times. After last ch 2, ss in 3rd ch of ch 5. You should have 8 spokes and 8 spaces.

Rnd 2/ ch3, 4 dc in next space (for total of 5), 5 dc in each space around. (5x8=40 dc) ss to top of first ch 3.

Rnd 3/ ch 3, skip 1st dc ( which is the one your ch 3 came out of) 1 dc in each of next 7 dc, *ch 5, dc in next 8 dc, ch 5 *. Repeat * to * around and join with ss to top of ch 3. (40/8=5 so you have your 5 points started.) this rnd has 8 dc in each point and 1 ch 5 space between.
There is no joining from here till the finish.

Rnd 4/ ch 5, sc in ch 5 loop of previous row. Ch 5 and skipping the 1st dc, *dc in next 6 dc, ch 5* around. ( you are skipping first and last of 8 dc in previous rnd so you now have 6 dc at each point and 2 ch 5 spaces between.

Rnd 5/ with last ch 5 on hook, sc in 1st loop, ch 5 and dc in 2nd dc in previous rnd, dc in next 3 dc for total of 4 dc, ch 5, sc in loop, ch 5, sc in next loop then ch 5 and dc into 2nd dc of next point. Remember we are skipping 1st and last dc of previous rnd. Continue around. You should have 4 dc in each point separated by 3 ch 5 loops.

Rnd 6/ with last ch 5 from rnd 5 on hook, dc in 2nd dc of point,
and 1dc in next dc. Now you have 2 dc in point. Make 3 ch 5, sc loops then another ch 5 to dc in next point. Do this around until you have 2 dc at each point separated by 4 ch 5 loops.

Rnd 7/ 1 dc in each point and 5 ch 5 spaces between each dc.

Rnd 8/ edging. You may use the original edging or any one you like. I did this: 3 sc, ch 2, 3 sc in each loop around.
(When you pin it to block, remember this is not a circle, it is a hexagon.)
That's it! I hope I've made it clear and simple and if you find any mistakes, please contact me.
If you extend the loop rounds then do a couple or three rows of plain single crochet for the band, this makes a lovely slouch hat, join several together for a larger piece, do red, white, and blue for 4th of July. I even think this souls make a nice rug in chunky yarn.
Crochet every single day,

Friday, May 9, 2014


Hi everyone,

Finally got past my eye surgeries and am back to blogging. As I has said in a previous post, I want to do more designing but have not been able to do much lately. However, Sangeetha of CROCHETKARI has been doing just that. She is my very best friend in this world (besides my husband) and she has done more in her two years of blogging than I could dream of, although we started our blogs at about the same time.

She is celebrating her 100th post, has published her first pattern (PDF) which you can read about HERE, got her own domain and redesigned her blog AND opened her CROCHETKARI ETSY SHOP.

I hope you will help celebrate her Blogaversary this month with me as I could never fit it in a singular post. This is only an introductory post in case you have not discovered her on your own yet. LOL

Crochet Every Single Day,

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I found this quite a while ago and now cannot find source. Well there is a source but it leads nowhere, so if this is familiar to you, let me know and I will give the author due attribute.


I've had a problem with too many projects, and often times I need that hook I was using for an older, hibernating project for a shiny new project. The problem then arises when I go back to the old project, often one without instructions or one where I've gleefully ignored the instructions, and can't remember what hook I was using (and/or found out in shifting it I've accidentally ripped out a bunch of work).

Then it hit me - an idea so simple I can't believe they're not on every store in the country! Maybe because they think people finish one project before they go on to another? (*snort*) Or maybe because it's so simple. Grab a large necklace hook, a piece of thread, and some beads - regular and alphabet - and VOILA!

The necklace clasp goes around the working loop to keep it from unraveling, and the alphabet bead reminds you what hook you are using! You can also use numbers, if you're using steel hooks or one of the 'in-between-the letters' aluminum hooks. Totally simple to quickly slap together a whole set!

I think this is genius and just had to share.

Crochet Every Single Day,

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Goodbye November

Hi everyone,

November has been a big decision-making month as far as crochet and blogging for me. Thirty posts in thirty day was the challenge, and I was doubtful, but took it on to prove something to myself-and I did. It was certainly a positive learning experience.

The big revelation is that although I go barking mad if I don't crochet every single day, I don't finish a project every day to post about and I don't enjoy the stress of a deadline every single day. Crochet calms me. The rhythm relaxes me. I love designing whether on paper or in my mind.

Long and short of it is that I'm going back to the way I enjoyed crocheting and posting at my fancy. I have no advertisers for just that reason. Hope you will still visit and comment. There is nothing to show you today. I'm working on the Blooming Swirl pattern and the drop stitch tutorial, but it might take me a day or two.

I have discovered not only that posting every day is not for me, but also just how much I love my blogging buddies and commenters. Thank you all!

Crochet Every Single Day,

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Blooming Swirl Doily

Hi everyone,

Hope every one of you had a nice Thanksgiving Day. I got to crochet some which made it a really good day for me. I made a couple more of the soap savers and then just wanted to do something small before bed, so I made this.

It's a very pale silvery blue and washed out terribly on a white background.

There were three just like this in with my table linens when I sat the table today. Instead of finding the pattern to make the fourth, I just studied one of the finished ones and "copied" it to make another.

If you want to make one just like this, let me know and I'll write out the pattern. It's another quickie that would make a nice gift, especially in sets.

Crochet Every Single Day,

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

MOOGLY's Soap Saver Contest

Hi everyone,

I've been very busy today as I am sure most hosts for Thanksgiving dinner have been. No sweat. I had decided yesterday to make this soap saver and read thru the pattern. Estimating maybe an hour for the project was where I went wrong.

Now I could probably make all the rest I intend to make for gifts in probably 45 minutes each! It's a glorious and inventive pattern, but.....Well, just let me say this; the first person who makes this from the written pattern HERE should contact me. I will ask 2 questions about the pattern and if you can answer them correctly YOU WIN!!! Win what? I will give a $10.00 off discount for you to buy anything you want from JIMBOS FRONT PORCH! That's it. It's just that easy.

Anyway, a little gratification for a finished project is mine. Will you be my winner? Remember it's the FIRST person to answer TWO questions correctly. If you send me a photo of your finished soap saver, I'll publish it here on the blog whether you win or not. Until tomorrow.

Crochet Every Single Day,

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dallas Scarf

Hi everyone,

I finished the scarf I've been working on and have dubbed it the Dallas Scarf because the color of the yarn was Dallas Grey. The pattern I described when I started it has now been perfected and is now ready to share.

Dallas Scarf

2 skeins Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn
Hook size N 10mm
American terms

Stitch- long single crochet- (lsc) insert hook in next stitch, yo and pull loop to front, yo, pull thru first loop on hook, yo, pull thru remaining 2 loops.

Note: I started with a chainless sc foundation, but you may just as easily start with a regular chain.


Chain desired length or width that you want (if you use a regular chain then your next row should be sc across, chain 2 and turn, and should be started in second chain from hook).

Row 1 - *lsc in back loop only (blo) in 1st stitch. Lsc in back loop only (blo) in second stitch* repeat **to end of row. [ in every row place last lsc thru both loops ] Ch 2, turn.

Row 2 - ??? If the last lsc (before the on thru both loops) was worked in blo of previous row, work in flo in current row and vice versa.

Once you get going, this works up like a forest fire! It looks very complex but is really very simple. Just can't wait to try it in a finer yarn to girlyfy it.

Crochet Every Single Day,

Monday, November 25, 2013

More on MOOGLY

Hi everyone,

I've spent too much time today looking at ALL, well at least most, of vast body of work by Tamara Kelly. Her "Hookin on hump day" series is currently at number 59! You can start HERE.

What I believe is still her most requested pattern is called Blackberry Salad Striped Afghan and you can find it HERE.

So I did not start anything new today, but there is this one other project I haven't mentioned. I just had to work on this today. These blankets are completely reversible and I so need to finish the blue one now for twins.

Are you beginning to have anxiety about finishing dedicated projects for gifts before your deadline? It's making me bonkers!

Crochet Every Single Day,

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Free-form Finale

Hi everyone,

I'm going to take one more look at it tomorrow to be sure, but today I think my green piece is finished. The photos are self explanatory.

I intend to sew some felt to the back and hang it as is. Sometimes I frame them, but I wanted this one to be really organic looking. It's the first one I have tried in just one color.

I hope you have or will try playing with this fun and creative form of crochet. For me this means I'm down to my scarf, bed cover, soap savers (from MOOGLY), and blanket edgings to finish in these last few weeks of 2013.

Crochet Every Single Day,

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Crochet Goddess Award ~ Tamera Kelly

Hi everyone,

I've been so busy that I forgot about my CROCHET GODDESS AWARD series! For the next month or so I'll be promoting Tamara Kelly of MOOGLY so that just in case (right!) you don't know Tamera or may be new to crochet and knitting, you will no longer be unaware of her many talents. The link under her photo takes you to a page where she describes her rise to fame which I prefer to call her "ascent to goddessness".


The link below this photo takes you to my current favorite pattern from MOOGLY.


And she has giveaways all the time. The following link takes you to a current one.


This photo and link gets you to a passion I suffer from almost continually-edgings.


I am definitely going to make as many of the soap savers as I can for adults on my gift list and I make delicious little blankets that are perfect for the edgings for the kids.

Also, you may want to go to my post of November 8, 2013 to see the latest pattern from MOOGLY that I have made. And her "Hookin on hump day" button is in my sidebar.

Crochet Every Single Day,

Friday, November 22, 2013

Scarf Pattern

Hi everyone,

Today I'd like to give you the pattern for the scarf I've been working on. It looks complicated, but it's really simple. I've heard this called a xsc stitch, that is extended single crochet-at least I think so. Anyway it is a simple stitch:

Insert hook in next stitch, yo and pull loop thru, yo and pull thru one loop on hook then yo and pull thru remaining two. Repeat.

To me it's like working a foundation single crochet stitch, but I often see similarities where there are none. Anyway, what makes it look complicated is how the stitch is situated. It's placed in the back loop only of one stitch and the front loop only of the next. If it was back loop only in previous row it will be front loop only in current row and vice versa.

It's completely reversible (good thing to have in a scarf). It looks different on the front side, but still misleadingly complicated.

I thought this yarn was too stiff (it's Hometown USA by Lion Brand), but I tried it with an N hook and it's really nice. This could be for a man or a woman, but I'd suggest a finer yarn for a woman. That's just my personal preference.

Crochet Every Single Day,

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Hi everyone,

My little art piece is about 12 inches by 8 inches now. The textures are beginning to stand out one from another, and it's beginning to take on that organic look I wanted. See for yourself.

It's easier now and going faster. More tomorrow on that.

Tomorrow is also the 50 year anniversary of the assignation of John F. Kennedy, our president in 1963. Find out more by visiting another blog of mine HERE.

Also I haven't forgotten that pattern stitch for the scarf, in fact I'm writing that now. Tomorrow then.

Crochet Every Single Day,

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kermit Would Love This

Hi everyone,

My project is looking odder everyday.

Still I have faith because in my previous projects it has been just all wrong...UNTIL it started looking okay and then finally something I was very happy with. Right now I'm in the heavy doubt stage. And besides the color, Kermit might like it because as it is, it's obviously brought to you by the letter L. Haha!

Also, I love the stitch I developed for a manly scarf, but it's just too stiff with the yarn I used. So frogging that and looking for a yarn that has more drape. By the way, here's a tip. Instead of frogging and rewinding yarn, leave it until you're ready to reuse it. Crochet directly from the piece that needed frogging, frogging as you go. Without rewinding the yarn, it doesn't get stretched out as badly and, of course, it saves your time.

Ten more posts for the completion for my first annual NaBloPoMo.

After that, I'm going to slow down a bit so I can go back to my writing. If you are interested, you can visit my other blog HERE.

Crochet Every Single Day,

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Possible New Stitch for Scarf

Hi everyone,

Today might be the last nice cool day here before the weather turns cold, so I'm trying to hurry up and get a pattern worked out for a large scarf for my husband to wear when he walks the dog. At this time I'm leaning towards a pattern I've worked out that I'll be happy to share with you a little later. Here's a swatch close up and a little closer yet.

It's a beautiful silver grey that does not show very well in the photos at all. More on this tomorrow.

Of course, I'm also working on the free-form thingy. The assembly has started and the feeling is getting easier to come by now that I'm not attempting to write down every step. Anyway this is the present condition of the thing.

So many projects, I worry that none will turn into finished objects without some kind of magic.

Crochet Every Single Day,